We work with hospitals & physicians to provide Chronic & Transitional Care Management

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We exist to:

Improve Patient Wellness

The health of patients is our number one priority. Our services, processes, and offerings all are with the goal of increasing patient wellness.

Increase Office Efficiency

We work with you to ensure our systems and processes make your life easier. Our work results in a more efficient office, saving you time and money.

Provide Population Management

Our work gives you a better pulse on your entire population. We fill the gaps when patients aren't in the walls of your practice to provide better care

Provide Generating Programs

The programs we help you provide allow you to bill for CCM and TCM. These create new revenue sources for your practice long-term.

We do this through:

  • Managing All Out Bound Patient Relationships
  • Creating Customized Processes
  • Working Direcrly in Your EHR
  • Utilizing Fully Integrated Technology
  • Developing & Maintaining Patient Relationships
  • Ensuring full Billing for TCM & CCM
  • Providing Easy Enrollment
  • Communication of Patient Care

I like working with Renova because they give all of my information, each month to my doctor. Because of that, my visits to the doctor’s office are much more productive because my doctor knows what has been going on in my life!

Nancy, Tuscaloosa, Alabama


My Patient Care Advocate truly cares about my wellbeing and, I enjoy talking to them while they are checking up on me. I have actually cut down on my smoking with their help!

Tommy, Nashville, Tennessee


Our model was born out of a patient advocacy culture of building relationships to drive patient wellness.

We believe patients are the most valuable and least scalable asset. We work with physicians to give them more time with patients and more revenue streams.

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