We help you to extend your patient care with no disruption to your staff or workflow.

Optimizing your patient's health through our fully integrated AWV, CCM, and TCM services.

We know that you and your staff are at full capacity day in and day out. We’re here to enhance your patient service without using more of your time or changing your practice workflow. By becoming a seamless extension of your patient’s experience, we develop long term relationships with patients and families to solve problems and provide a single communication hub for all engagement in the patient’s care.

The Results:

Improved Patient

Over time, we are in contact with the vast majority of your Medicare patients. As an extension of you, your patients receive superior care and an added layer of support in their wellness journey.

Operational Efficiency

With dedicated Renova Health Care Managers working inside your EMR system and in touch with your patients on an on-going basis, we become a valuable resource for you, your patients, and your staff.

Overall Population

Through our comprehesive suite of services, you will develop a better understanding of your patients' needs, struggles, and healthcare opportunities.


We provide a range of billable services that will add significant incremental revenue to your bottom line with no cost or financial risk to you.

Our Experience:

The Foundation

Our expertise in developing and delivering population health and care coordination services that achieve exceptional results grew out of our combined 100+ years of working within the healthcare industry across many different capacities and functions. We are highly skilled at listening to the needs of healthcare professionals and their patients and learning what works and what doesn't work. We have combined the power of this knowledge and experience into our fully integrated suite of products and services that form the core of Renova Health.

Customize for YOUR Needs

We understand your patients, practice and needs are unique. Through personal interaction, office visits and engaging electronically using your existing EMR, we ensure we know the ins and outs of your current processes. Our care delivery solution is customized to your specific practice needs and processes to deliver superior results for both you and your patients.

Patient Management Between Visits

As an extension of your practice, we connect with your patients between visits to help them stay healthy. We coordinate with the hospital, local care providers and post-acute care facilities to bridge the patient wellness experience post discharge. We follow the patient through this process collecting and pushing patient data to the patient’s healthcare team to ensure seamless coordination of care for each patient.

Communication & Coordination of Care

Communication and coordination of care must work seamlessly for both you and your patients. We work within your EMR system to establish and maintain communications with you and your staff inside existing protocols and processes.

Without our patient participating in CCM and without Renova Health uncovering a drug overdose issue where she was taking double the medication prescribed. The outcome could have been much different and much worse for one of our patients.


Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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