Enabling the best patient care without interruption to your practice

Improving your population's health beyond the walls of your office by handling all your CCM and TCM.

We know as a doctor you are the most valuable and least scalable asset. We’re here to enhance your patient service without using more of your time. By becoming a seamless extension of your client’s experience we develop long term relationships with patients and families to solve problems and provide a single communication hub for all engagement in the patient’s care.

The Results:

Improved Patient

We are in contact with over 1,000 patients a month, maintaining relationships that drive increased wellness. As an extension of you, the patient receives superior care and an added layer of support in their wellness journey.

Operational Efficiency

With dedicate specific staff members working inside the practice's EMR and touch their patients everyday Renova becomes a valuable labor resource for the practice and their staff.

Overall Population

By extending your care outside of the walls of your building, patients have more effective care. You have a better understanding of their needs, struggles, and opportunities without spending more time with them individually.


Renova provides services and outreach to on behalf of physicians through CCM and TCM to improve patient wellness and outcomes. Renova monetizes this service through reimbursements to the provider and billing codes for TCM and CCM.

Our Experience:

The Foundation

Renova’s expertise in working with physicians and physician practices grew out of years of our core staff members working with physicians to aid their staff and patients in gaining access to expensive biologic medications for treatment and in ensuring that the patients were compliant with the drug regimens required to achieve the best possible results with these medicines.

Customize for YOUR Needs

We understand your patients, practice and needs are unique. Through personal interaction, office visits and engaging electronically using your existing EMR, we ensure we know the ins and outs to leverage your current processes. Our care delivery solution is based on a process-centric approach to delivering results for both doctors AND patients.

Patient Management Between Visits

As an extension of your practice, we keep up with your patients between visits to keep them well. We coordinate with the hospital, local care providers and post-acute care facilities to bridge the patient wellness experience post discharge. We follow the patient through this process collecting and pushing patient data to the patient’s healthcare team to ensure a seamless care plan.

See our patient data management platform

Data Integration

This web-based and HIPAA-compliant platform allows for full integration to create a central location for all patient data pulling directly from your practice EHR.

Once the data architecture is confirmed with the EHR vendor and the initial patient load is accomplished we establish weekly updates protocols (delta files). This integration supports patient population analysis (data mining) and care delivery with practice generated medical records on a common interface for all Patient Services associates.


Communication & Coordination of Care

Communication and coordination of care must work seamlessly for both the patient and provider. We leverage a seat license in the Practice EMR and remote access technologies for on-premise (non-cloud) solutions. This positions our Provider Services associate to establish and maintain communication with the practice inside existing protocols and processes.

Without our patient participating in CCM and without Renova uncovering a drug overdose issue where she was taking double the medication prescribed. The outcome could have been much different and much worse for one of our patients.


Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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