We offer a fully integrated suite of products that delivers on the enormous potential of Population Health and Care Coordination.

Our AWV service is the hub of our comprehensive approach.

Renova Health’s AWV service works synergistically with our Chronic Care Management program to optimize patient care and clinic revenue, while maximizing participation by your Medicare eligible patient population, and ensuring adherence to all CMS guidelines and audit compliance. Our fully integrated Population Health and Care Coordination program delivers:

  • Better patient care
  • Identification of missed Medicare Part B preventive services (“Gaps in Care”)
  • MIPS optimization
  • Comprehensive med management program
  • Significant incremental revenue
  • Complete, turn-key solution


Annual Wellness Visits (AWV)

Our AWV service is the core of our integrated approach to population health and care coordination. We place a Renova Health Care Manager in your clinic that manages the entire process from start to finish. We start with identifying Medicare patients who qualify. Next, we call and schedule them for their AWV appointment. Then, we complete the in-office AWV, place the visit notes in your EMR, and enter the billing information into your billing system. At the end of the process, we also enroll eligible patients into our CCM program.

Chronic Care Management (CCM)

We pair each of our CCM patients with a dedicated Care Manager to build a one-on-one connection with them. Each month we engage with our patients to help them to keep on track with their care plan. We listen to their concerns and provide them with the support and encouragement they need to maintain their health and well-being. We document all of our notes directly into your EMR for easy access and review.

Transitional Care Management (TCM)

TCM is the third component of our integrated approach. We embed our Care Manager in the hospital and work closely with case management to identify all qualified patients. Our first step is to engage the patient while they are still at the hospital to explain the program to them and initiate our service. Once discharged, we secure a copy of the discharge plan and ensure the PCP has a copy as well. We then interact with the patient over the next 30 days to ensure they follow their discharge plan and meet with their PCP as required.

Our Statistics Tell our Story!

Our Statistics Tell the Story !



AWVs completed among eligible patients


Retention rate among CCM patients


Completed Monthly CCM patients

80% AWV completion rate

99% CCM retention rate

95% CCM monthly completion rate

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