A trusted voice every month to drive your wellness

A solution to drive your wellness, centered around relationships.

We're the partner to extend care from inside the doctor's office, to inside your homes.

We provide predictable check-ins on your wellness plan. Our proven process ensures a higher level of care. Our model was born out of a patient advocacy culture of building relationships to drive patient wellness. We truly care about each patient and do all we can to serve you exceptionally well.

Why Enroll with Renova?

Predictable Communications

Our check-ins and predictable and ensure you have a sounding board for your care journey. We communicate back to your doctor to close the communication loop and ensure you get questions and concerns resolved quickly and accurately.

Focus on Wellness

Your wellness is our number one priority. We find the resources you need to provide peace of mind about your wellness plan.


Drug complexity with Medicare patients is a very complex matter. As you take more and more medication, we step in to reduce the complexity and take the time to understand, communicate, and explain to improve drug compliance.

Patient Care Advocates

The Patient Care Advocates department and its team are the heart of our organization. Our PCAs work directly to assist in adherence to your care plan as it has been written by your physician, or helps you abide by the discharge plan written by your physician.

Our PCA’s primarily communicate directly with patients and their families regarding their adherence to their plans. On these plans, our PCAs will work with specific practices. Each of our PCAs are associated with a member of our provider services division. There are usually five PCA members assigned to one provider services member. All of our PCAs and Provider services employees are Certified Medical Assistants working under the general supervision of the physician or provider which has enrolled the patient for CCM service.

Our Communication:

  • Our care calls are the foundation of our work. The timing of calls, frequency, duration and a recording of the call is kept for both training and audit purposes. Each of these calls is stored indefinitely and can be reviewed as needed. Our call center management team is constantly working to improve our effectiveness as we build a relationship with you. Team leads and supervisors will sample calls weekly for each PCA.
  • We will also do a weekly review of progress notes made while speaking with our patients. These notes are reviewed for accuracy and to make sure that we are conveying information as garnered from the patients. Quarterly training is conducted on verbal communication and on listening skills. Our employees are very compassionate and kindhearted. Our PCA’s truly do form a bond and a relationship with their patients.

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