A trusted voice every month to help you achieve and maintain your optimal health.

We will build a one-on-one connection between you and your care team.

We extend your care from inside the doctor's office, to inside your home.

We will interact with you on a monthly basis to provide continuity of care from your doctor throughout the year.  This wellness program developed and endorsed by Medicare has been proven to help patients like you to achieve and maintain your optimal health.  Our “patient first” passion guides us to truly care about you and do all that we can to serve you exceptionally well.

Why enroll with us?

Dedicated Care

We will pair you up with a dedicated Care Manager that will interact with you on a monthly basis, leading to a personal connection and better overall health care.

Focus on Wellness

Your health and wellness is our number one priority. We find the necessary resources to help you achieve your optimal health.


Medication management is a very complex matter. We work with you to understand, communicate, and explain to improve drug compliance and effectiveness.

Care Managers

Our Care Managers are the heart of our organization. You are paired with a dedicated Care Manager who you talk to on a monthly basis.  This help us to get to know you and your health needs on a personal basis, and allows us to work with your doctor to provide the very best care for you.

Our first step is to develop a customized, comprehensive care plan designed specifically for your current health conditions. Once completed, this plan helps guide our care for you from month to month.  Your plan also allows us to monitor progress and help you stay on track to achieve your overall health goals.  Each month we provide your Healthcare Provider with an update on your progress.

What you can expect from us:

  • You are paired with a fully trained, professional Care Manager.
  • We get to know you on a one-on-one basis.
  • We listen to your concerns and take a personal interest in your overall health and well-being.
  • We help you with everyday issues such as medication refills, doctors appointments, and checking on labs.
  • We provide you with information to help you improve and maintain your health.
  • We assist you with post-treatment questions and concerns.
  • We work with you to help you achieve your optimal health.
  • We help to improve communications between you, your doctor, and the office staff.
  • We share all of our notes with your doctor on a monthly basis.

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